Business Coach | Get results whether large or small with Business Coach Mark Blume Orange Lithgow Cowra Dubbo Bathurst Parkes Forbes Mudgee
Mark has been coaching and mentoring buinesses for over 20 years. This experience means Mark can help your business whether large or small driving results to achive the goals you have always wanted to achive for your business and your life.
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Start-up Planning

If your business or business idea is too new for ongoing business coaching, we can offer a Start-up Planning session that runs for two and half hours. Prior to the meeting we may discuss your business or business idea so we make sure the session is tailored to your needs.

The Start-up Planning sessions would suit:

  • Start-up businesses, who need some insights on how to proceed. It is for those who want to get another perspective and detailed plans and actions before they launch their business idea. This will minimize the risk and improve traction using the experience of a coach who has started multiple businesses.
  • If you are looking to transition from paid employment to working full time on their own business.
  • If you want to explore the viability of your business idea before you decide to proceed with it, in a confidential environment.