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Turn Good Employees into Great Leaders

Turn Good Employees into Great Leaders

Career growth and development is not entirely the responsibility of an employee. A good employer must know how to turn good employees into great leaders. This presents a win-win situation for both parties where the employee becomes more productive while at the same time growing their career. Here are five strategies to use to transform good employees into future leaders.

Allow Employees to Network. Employees should be encouraged to network to spur personal growth and development of business. Allow this to happen during free times especially over lunchtime and company events. This should also extend to industry experts outside the organization.

• Provide Mentorship. This can be realized by either assigning mentors to them or taking up the responsibility of mentoring them. Leading by example is a surer way of developing good employees into good leaders. Through mentorship programs, company productivity will also improve.

Create Growth Opportunities. Invest in your employees by creating opportunities for them. It may include working with other industry experts’ interactive forums, paying for a formal training program and so on. Create a list of upcoming events that would be of a great benefit to their career for their consideration.

Evaluate through Feedback. Keeping a feedback loop is important for measuring and reviewing performance among employees. This helps in enhancing productivity in the future. Ongoing feedback will, therefore, be vital to developing employees in preparation for greater leadership roles.

Set Exemplary Leadership. Leadership by example is key in helping others get to do the same when their time comes. Leadership skills that need to be modeled in employees include transparency, respect, confidence, professionalism and commitment. Employees believe that their employer has all the answers ready. Therefore, you must prove reliable at all times.

Employers can do great work in developing employees into leaders. The benefits are two-way since employees grow as the company realizes increased productivity as a result.

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