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Business Coach Mark Blume has built his own multi-million dollar businesses in regional NSW and can help your business achieve the results you have always dreamed. Mark works with business in Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo. Mudgee, Cowra, Young, Lithgow, Parkes & Forbes.
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Telephone Remains a Key Customer Service Tool

Your customers are the key pillars of your business. They determine whether you will rise or fall hence the need for you to treat them as the special assets that they are. As a business person, always seek to give more to your customers every time you serve them. Let them know that they come first on your priority list and they will reward you greatly. Your telephone is one of the most powerful tools in the running of your business especially customer affairs. Some of the findings of the same are as below:

• People Want Live Chats
With a great part of the world’s population owning smartphones, connections have been simplified. However, people do not just want the regular kind of messaging, they prefer to have live chats. Your customers will want to connect with real humans and get the help they need. The apps on these smart devices allow for this luxury.

• The Phone is still King
Majority of people now own phones more than any other devices. This makes the phone the number one device that is enabling connections. People can now receive calls, texts and even access their emails on their smartphones. The aspect of self-service has also been activated with the use of mobile phones especially the apps.

• Need For Improvement on Other Channels
Even though social media has quickly gained popularity, there is still a need for improvement as far as customer responses are concerned. People feel that they are better served on their mobile phones as opposed to the wider social media platforms.

The clear call remains that, customer service channels need to be improved so that customers may be served better across the board. There is a lot that can be done especially if feedback from the customers is taken seriously and acted upon.


As an ActionCOACH and member of the International Coaching Federation, Mark has tools, resources and accreditation’s, which have enabled him1 to transform over 100 businesses and business owners’ lives including achieving an average of 50% growth in both revenue and profitability while creating an improved work life balance. Through our one to one programs I will help you create a plan, actions and time lines and hold you accountable to them, along with helping you to develop the necessary business skills TAKE THE NEXT STEP: For a discovery business assessment, call +61 26362 8970 or email leeblume@actioncoach.com.