Business Coach | Starting a Delivery Service? (what could go wrong?)
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Starting a Delivery Service? (what could go wrong?)

With the current global pandemic, many retailers and food outlets have turned to delivery services to keep afloat. There are countless articles and stories of cafes, restaurants, butchers, bakers, farmers selling direct to the public and delivering goods direct to the customer.

As an example, a brewery in Australia was faced with having to waste stock when local pubs and restaurants were forced to close, so the brewery put a call out on Facebook and ended up being able to stay in business retailing their stock direct to the public.

It may seem like this is the perfect time to start a delivery service business, but what is really involved?

Delivery Items

The biggest question would be, what are you going to be transporting or delivering? Are you planning on delivering meals from local restaurants and cafes? Offering your services to small e-commerce business owners? Delivering for local florists, butchers, bakeries or greengrocers? Once you have decided what you will actually be transporting, the rest can be determined.


It may seem like all you need is a reliable vehicle and while that can be true, think about what you will be delivering.

· Will you need a standard car, SUV, van or Ute to allow for the size of delivery items?

· Will you need a trolley to transport items to and from the vehicle?

· Will you need to secure the delivery items in any way? Don’t just think about size in this case, while delivering cakes may seem like you don’t need any specialist equipment, they can be very fragile and the last thing you want to do is ruin someone’s birthday cake.

Don’t overlook the legalities.

Make sure you follow the rules of any new business and register, license and insure your business accordingly. Some things to consider:

· Register for an ABN and Business Name

· Vehicle Licensing

· Insurance – both for the vehicle and the delivery items

· Business Bank Account and some kind of process for recording transactions


While you may be delivering for local companies, will you only be delivering to local customers? Consider your boundary limits and how far you are willing to travel. Think about the costs associated with traveling and the benefits of traveling that far.


Again, this will depend on what you are delivering, but have a think about what hours you want to be working in the business. If you are delivering for local cafes and restaurants, you will be delivering during their peak times. Are you willing to be available at these times or would you prefer to work with businesses that have a simple, next-day delivery approach?

General Business Planning

Then there is all the usual planning that is involved in creating a business:

· Budget – what will your expenses be and how much do you need to charge to make a profit?

· Marketing – Create a logo and branding, develop a social media presence and a website.

· Target Market – which businesses will you approach to offer your delivery services?

With the right planning, a delivery service business could be the perfect fit, after all, what could go wrong?


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