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Sell by Asking

Sell by Asking

Increasing your sales simply means converting more of your leads into actual sales. Most businesses do not have the right conversion strategies and so they have more leads than sales. Sometimes you think you are addressing the customers’ needs when in the real sense you are leaving out what is important to them. The best way to raise your conversion rate is by asking questions.

Engage your prospective buyers and seek to understand what it is they really what. Get to know what they think should be improved and if possible, let them come up with ways in which the improvement can be done. Asking as many relevant questions as possible will help you to be in your customers’ world and therefore reach them more effectively. Rich conversations ae cultivated through questions and ore questions.

In the bid to understand your customers more, providing open-ended questions is of paramount importance. You give them the freedom to express their interests, needs, and ideas. You do not have to be rigid in your conversations.

Ask questions about their general life and show genuine interest in what they do. This is one way for you to discover what can make their lives easier and provide it if you are in a position to. Avoid leading questions that make them feel compelled to give specific answers to your questions.

As you seek to build a rapport with your customers, some of the open-ended questions you can use include:
• For whom are you buying the products?
• What specific features are you looking out for in this product?
• How long have you been using this product?

With such kinds of questions, it is almost impossible for a customer to give inaccurate answers. This is because you leave it to them to decide how they respond to each of them.


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