Business Coach | Put Yourself in your Customer’s Shoes
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Put Yourself in your Customer’s Shoes

Really try to understand what the customer wants. What is in it for them if they purchase your product or service. When you think like the customer, it shifts your viewpoint and you can focus on creating value. Remember to also think about what is happening in your customer’s lives right now, is there a way to communicate that you know what is going on for them?

Become a Customer

If you can, become the actual customer. Call your store, look through your website as a customer would, try to purchase your own product. Experience everything from the customer’s perspective. Think about what the process was like, if there is ease of use for your website, store, phone support.

If you need to, outsource and engage a Mystery Shopper type service.

Listen to your Customers

What better way to find out what a customer wants than ask them? Listen to feedback. Look at your reviews and see if there are any common themes. Send out feedback forms or surveys if you need to, or just ask. Find out what your customers like and don’t like about your business.

Act on feedback from your Customers

Demonstrate the human side of your business by acting on feedback. Reply to reviews, even the bad ones, it will let customers know that you value their feedback either way. Let them know you plan to act, then put it into place.

Exceed your Customers Expectations

Have you ever opened a package and received a little something extra – a thank you note, promo code or even sample gift? How did you feel? Can you invoke this feeling for your customers? It can often be the unexpected, but genuine, little actions that have a great impact. Make the customer feel good and they will be telling everyone about you.

As more and more customers start to share their experiences online, through Social Media and reviews, strengthen your business by giving the best customer experience you can.


As an ActionCOACH and member of the International Coaching Federation, Mark has tools, resources and accreditation’s, which have enabled him1 to transform over 100 businesses and business owners’ lives including achieving an average of 50% growth in both revenue and profitability while creating an improved work life blend. Through our one to one programs I will work with you to create a plan, actions and time lines and hold you accountable to them, along with working with you to develop the necessary business skills TAKE THE NEXT STEP: For a discovery business assessment, call +61 26362 8970 or email leeblume@actioncoach.com.