Business Coach | Never Give Up!
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Never Give Up!

“97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% of people who never gave up”

As Small Business Owners, there is always a level of uncertainty. Grit and determination are core traits to get you through the tough times and we’ve certainly had some tough times lately. Our resilience and perseverance has been tested to the limits.

“Being an entrepreneur is not about waiting for the storm to pass but rather learning to bounce back” – Rebecca Burn-Callander

So what do the successful business owners do to help get through these times and bounce back?

Remember your Why

Why did you start your business? Chances are these are also the reasons to keep going. Think about why you started; Was it because you were sick of working for a boss? Because you wanted more flexibility? Time? Money?

Remember these reasons and keep them at the forefront of your mind. They might just motivate you to get through the next day. And the next and the next…

Break it Down

If it really does seem all too hard today, break it down. What MUST get done today? Take it one step at a time and set small goals. Goal setting can help you stay focused and on track. Be committed to just one thing at a time and before you know it, your business has moved mountains.

Celebrate your wins

Any small win should be celebrated. And these don’t need to be sales related. Did you get a new Social Media follower? Did someone in your team reach a personal goal? Did you get a great review on Google? Was it just a great day? Any little win is worth celebrating. It will put you in a better mindset and show you that your work really is worth it.

Surround yourself with support

Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people. They are a reflection of yourself and can help you keep your spirits high. If you have trouble finding those people, try getting a coach. They will be in your corner, cheering you on.

And remember, there is always opportunity out there.


As an ActionCOACH and member of the International Coaching Federation, Mark has tools, resources and accreditation’s, which have enabled him1 to transform over 100 businesses and business owners’ lives including achieving an average of 50% growth in both revenue and profitability while creating an improved work life blend. Through our one to one programs I will work with you to create a plan, actions and time lines and hold you accountable to them, along with working with you to develop the necessary business skills TAKE THE NEXT STEP: For a discovery business assessment, call +61 26362 8970 or email leeblume@actioncoach.com.