Business Coach | Common Customer Service Obstacles (And How to Fix Them)
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Common Customer Service Obstacles (And How to Fix Them)

Common Customer Service Obstacles (And How to Fix Them)

The fact remains that many business people know the importance of exceptional customer service even though not all offer it. The following are some of the four customer service obstacles and how to fix them:

Obstacle: Attention Difficulties.
In this era where communication channels are numerous, it is hard to pay attention to every detail concerning customers’ needs. Over-looking or forgetting some issues is almost inevitable.
Solution: Teach your team how to multi-task and let them learn the skill of taking notes and responding to issues the soonest possible. Also emphasize dealing with one channel at a time.

Obstacle: Issue of the Customer Always Bring Right.
This has been a golden rule in business for so long but it is not necessarily accurate. Sometimes the service or product is perfect but the customer is just not pleased.
Solution: Instead of arguing to convince the customer that things were done right, just do it their way to make them happy. This way, you get power over them and are able to convert their wishes into actual sales.

Obstacle: Inconsistent Definition of Service.
Most companies usually claim that they have a service provision system that is focused on the customer. However, the practicality of the claims always leaves a lot to be desired. There is little that is actually done and the rest remains in theory.
Solution: Have a clear definition of customer service and better still, have your customers define it for you so that you can get it right.

Obstacle: Faulty Service Systems.
Failures in customer service are mostly as a result of broken customer service systems. There is no proper flow of activities and the strategies are also insufficient.
Solution: The only solution is to fix the systems and make them easy to use and effective so that you can reach your customers well.


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